Water Intake

    1 Surge Basin
    2 Culvert
    3 Stop Log
    4 Stop Log
    5 Coarse Bar Screen
    6 Travelling Band Screen
    7 Stop Log
    8 Pump
    9 Flap
    10 Main Debris Filter
    11i Ball Cleaning Injector
    11s Ball Cleaning Strainer
    12 Condenser
    13 Priming System
    14 Auxiliary Debris Filter that can be for example a Bernoulli one

    The Water Intake normally includes Stop Logs, Racking Systems and Filters. The water Intake for cooling a heat exchanger includes further more a Ball Cleaning System as well as an Evacuation Systems that is known also as Priming System. In order to drive the flow, a pump is necessary that can be a submerged or a dry positioned one.

    The Hardware Products are:

  • Stop Log

  • Stop Logs usually comprising Gates, Frames and Lifting Devices are used for stopping the water flow being installed both for the sweet water and the sea water.

  • Racking System

  • Racking Systems as Coarse Bas Screen and Travelling Band Screen are used for filtering debris out of water flow being installed both for the sweet water and the sea water.

  • Debris Filter

  • The Debris Filter System removes continuously all debris that otherwise might clog the heat exchanger and condenser tubes. A screen monitor (8) with contacts controls the degree of contamination of the Debris Filter. As soon as the highest permissible degree of contamination is reached, the waste water valve (10) opens automatically and the backwash rotor (4) is activated. The low pressure at the end of the backwash pipe (6) causes a reverse direction of flow (5) of the cooling water in the area of the backwash rotor filter segment (3). The filter element is released from pressure through the backwash rotor channel (3). Therefore a strong backwash flow (4) separates the debris from the filter surface and transports the debris to the backwash rotor channel (3). From here the separated debris is channeled off to the backwash pipe (6) and is disposed of by the waste water valve (10).

  • Ball Cleaning
  • The Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems consist of a closed re-circulating loop. Sponge rubber cleaning balls are injected into the cooling water via an injection nozzle (6) on the cooling water inlet pipe. The balls pass through the cooling water tubes and are separated by a strainer section in the cooling water outlet pipe (1). They are recirculated by a pump (4) via a ball collector (3). A sight glass cover (5) allows to monitor the cleaning ball circulation. As the sponge rubber balls have a slightly larger diameter than the condenser tubes a continuous cleaning of the condenser is ensured. Any silt and/or other contamination of the strainer section is detected via a differential pressure transmitter (2) allowing the system to be automatically cleaned. The Condenser Tube Cleaning is suitable for both the sweet water and the sea water.

    Evacuation Systems

    • Automatic Central Vacuum System

    • Central, pressure-controlled permanent evacuation of several centrifugal pumps or siphon pipes, also known as Priming System. Installation level of the central vacuum unit independent of the installation level and suction level of the centrifugal pumps or siphon pipes. Design includes automatic drainage system.

    • Ballast Stripping System

    • Automatic stripping system for central evacuation of ballast and bilge pumps on container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, etc.

    • Tank Wagon Unloading System

    • Automatically operated system for simultaneous and complete discharge of bottom unloaded tank wagons. Prevention of Gas in the pump discharge pipe.

      Fish Deterrent

        Strobe light fish deterrent system holds the fish away from the water intake.

      Cleaning System ACC

        The Cleaning System for Air Cooled Heatexchangers and specially Air Cooled Condensers, ACC, is a product of IBS.

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